Do you want to work with a great company? Check. In a great city? Gotcha. Do you want to work together with tenacious people? Bingo. Do you want to continue being your own boss? We understand that.

Hi. We are Maibru.

But this is not about us. Let's talk about you. We need some help from you. Since you are here you must have seen our work. What we do. Nice, huh? We think so too!

But sometimes we can also use help. Then we need extra eyes, brain cells and hands. Do you need work experience? No, not really. We certainly believe that having experience is very valuable. But we believe that your beliefs, mindset and skills are even more valuable.

Collaborating with Maibru. Sounds good.

We're always looking to expand our network with freelancers. This way we can tackle different challenges with the best people. Below we have a list of the different people we are looking for.

  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Animators
  • Developers
  • Photographers
  • Filmmakers
  • Storytellers
  • Copywriters

Not on the list, but you do think we can do something great together? Then you're on the list as well, as far as we're concerned. Just reach out to us.


Just send a quick message.

Go crazy. Send us your message and we'll be in touch soon.