Think differently. Do it differently.

A municipality website not based on standard template(s). Not based on standard technology. Also not based on the standard top tasks philosophy used on most municipality websites. Think differently. Do it differently. That is the largest municipality in the Netherlands. The municipality Súdwest-Fryslân. No thinking based on processes, but on a service philosophy. Service for and by the user.

Take a look at the result

A solid foundation.

More than 89,000 proud Frisians. 89 cores. A colorful area between Sneek, Stavoren and the Afsluitdijk. Unique because of the green landscape and of course the beautiful water. 

Together with the municipality we have established a strong philosophy for their service. A strong brand positioning. A strong character. A solid foundation for communication and the growth of the municipality.

Example pages from the brand guidelines of the municipality Súdwest-Fryslân

A new approach.

Inviting, clear and flexible. The municipality offers the possibility to arrange many products and services online. To make all products and services clearly scannable in an inviting and unambiguous way, we've created a dynamic two-layer pop-up navigation. This menu is the heart of the entire website and makes it possible for the user to navigate through the website with a minimum number of clicks.

A mockup with mobile example pages from the new website of the municipality Súdwest-Fryslân

Open Web concept.

Scalable future-proof technology that matches the service method of the municipality. Together with four other innovative municipalities, we've implemented the so-called Open Web concept, based on Wordpress. 

The Open Web concept is a collaboration between several municipalities to develop in a more practical, innovative and cost-effective way. In this way, the municipality and suppliers can work together in a practical way to achieve further development, flexibility and continuity.

Example pages from the new website of the municipality Súdwest-Fryslân

Future proof.

A new philosophy for service, a new design, and technology that is future-proof. In combination, it's a solid foundation for the further optimization of the digital services of the municipality Súdwest-Fryslân. Think differently. Do it differently. With a clear view of the future and the will to innovate. This municipality will keep making steps in the right direction.