the small robot WALL-E

Extra time

We used the extra time to look at and analyse websites, among other things. A lot of websites. Our conclusion? Most websites really suck. The reason? Many digital agencies manage to make the simplest tasks extremely complex. There are so many marketing buzzwords and so-called data-based strategies thrown at projects, that in the end you can no longer see what something was actually made for.

Groundbreaking totally scientific research

We have therefore started our own research. This research showed that the visitors who come to a website are people. People? Not robots? No, not robots. We ourselves were stunned by this outcome. How is it possible? They turned out to be people of flesh and blood. People who love stories, emotions and meaningful communication. Not robots looking for a text with a minimum number of words or landing pages with volumes of text full of buzzwords.

These pioneering and highly scientifically based insights are therefore at the heart of everything we do at Maibru. Design and branding based on a well thought-out foundation, for real people. Not on the basis of a few figures from your analytics programme. Is data superfluous? No, it is not. Quantitative data ensures that you know where to look. What you need to zoom in on. Where you need to delve deeper. The problem is that many, mainly self-appointed, marketing gurus stop here and take the quantitative data as the truth. Very dangerous. To really do something meaningful with quantitative data, it has to be complemented with qualitative data. You know. Having conversations with real people. Testing with real people. Watching the behaviour of real people.

What have we learned

If there’s anything we should all have learned recently, it’s that we're all human. And humanity is a beautiful thing. That is why we sincerely hope that many companies also gain this insight. And if they already have this insight, pay more attention to it. Let’s shift the focus a little more from the numbers, to the humanity. This is the only way to get more meaningful products and services. Oh, and do you need help with this? You know how to reach us.

You do know, right?