a plastic bottle laying on the ground on dry leaves

Short term thinking

No, we are not talking about bad plastic or other disposable stuff. We are talking about real brands. Brands that are too short-sighted in making choices during their development. If these choices are made at all. And then have to redesign it again after a short time, because they haven’t thought it through properly. Simply because they have spent too little time thinking, also known as strategy, and live too much from day to day. They do not make choices based on the essence, but on trends. Because it is nice and trendy now. A nice fresh colour, a powerful font. “Yes, now we can go forward one or two years!” After that, we’ll see. The world will look very different then. We adapt it again and continue this loop. After all, we are all ‘agile’ nowadays. Super trendy. Unfortunately, this way of thinking happens too much when designing the foundation of a brand, if you can call it a foundation at all. And yes, that is just as bad for us as buying plastic bags. It is the plastic soup of business.


If you are working on branding or design, see it as a project without an ending. Think of a brand that can last. A foundation you can build on. One that does not need to be adjusted on the basis of every trend. By designing well from the core. From authenticity. From individuality. So you can get on with it for many years. That is worth so much more than following a trend. Appropriate. Remarkable. Flexible. It takes guts, for sure. Because it often goes against the current trends. Maybe even against those cool bright colours you were looking at. So this is our argument for thinking more. Think better. About strategy, branding and design. So that you don’t have to keep reinventing your brand. And yes, this is also our fight against the development of disposable plastic brands. For making more sustainable choices. If you need help with that, you know where to find us.

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