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Building brands and boosting business with clarity in strategy, style and story.

Hi, we are Maibru. A branding and digital design studio from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Are you thinking about what we do exactly? We build brand strategies that drive growth and design identity systems that connect brands to people.

We are a team of creative strategists. Part business strategist, part designer. Why, you may ask? Because strategists often tend to think big, but designers have the creativity and attention to detail. With this powerful combination, we connect the challenges of your brand with the solution for your users. Sounds good, right?

We work on your

  • Brand Strategy

    Creating a brand is about making people fall in love with that brand. That is not easy. We know that. A good brand must be honest and create a promise that can be kept. We believe that strong brands are created by a fusion of strategy and creativity. Logic and a bit of magic actually. By bridging the gap between logic and magic, a brand can build a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Identity Design

    We work on the visible (and sometimes even invisible) elements of the brand. The constant form in communication. Our job is to build brands that on the one hand contribute to your business goals and on the other hand exceed the needs of your users. Secretly, we think the latter is a little more important.  And all this in with award-winning aesthetics. This is what we will craft together. The entire process will be collaborative, inspiring, and –most importantly– effective.

  • Website Development

    Whatever type of website you have, it becomes the digital home for your brand and is usually at the top of your marketing funnel. We therefore create websites where visual design and user experience meet and go hand in hand. Our goal is to deliver in-depth information, aesthetic impact and ultimately conversions. In short: cool websites that work for your users.

  • Copywriting

    Based on our experience working with companies across industries and complex software products, we have a proven approach to copywriting that simplifies even the most complex ideas. We write eye-catching headlines, voice & tone guidelines and brand messages that compel the user to read on. The end goal? To create the sound of your brand at its best.

  • Campaigns

    Building a great brand that represents an incredible product or service means absolutely nothing... if nobody knows about it. That’s why marketing campaigns are crucial. Together, we create strategies for campaigns and execute them in a way that resonates with your target audience. 


This is the always the first step we take together and were we get to know you, your business and your goals. In the creative field, it is considered normal that solutions are prescribed without a real diagnosis. So no meaningless pitches from us, but a strategic analysis and a creative debrief. In other words: a good conversation.

04Our process: Discovery
Illustration of two people sharing ideas


During this step we combine everything we know and have learned from you and explore the different directions we can take. Depending on what needs to be done we focus on developing your brand, or what needs to be created in the next step. Either way, this is where the magic happens.

04Our process: Strategy
Illustration of two people thinking about strategy


After establishing a clear direction, we can focus on creating the best outcome. We always use our tried and tested framework for our projects, to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. No more worrying about deadlines. We got you.

04Our process: Create
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Everything is ready. Get to work. Time to catch your breath. But not for too long. We live in rapidly changing times, so it is essential to adapt, improve and take the next steps. Don’t worry. We are not going anywhere and we will help you every step of the way to see your goals to fruition.

04Our process: Activate
Illustration of a road with milestones